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India has developed a "rotating solar tree" to achieve full solar power generation

Release time : 2020-11-02 Reading quantity : 750

The Central Institute of Mechanical Engineering (CSIR-CMERi), part of India's Commission for Scientific and Industrial Research (SIPRI), recently developed a rotating solar tree to solve the problem, taking into account land use constraints. Solar trees account for only 1% of the space consumed by conventional systems.

Not only that, but on a rotational basis, the solar energy developed by CSIR-CMERi can automatically track the sun while occupying small land Spaces.

Isn't it amazing to imagine the picture? The tree, with all the solar panels working together, rotates along the axis to get 10 to 15 percent more solar energy. The solar panels can be rotated by rotating the tree roots or manually.

In fact, according to CSIR-Cmeri, rotating the solar tree can produce 25 to 30 percent of the power because all the panels rotate 180 degrees east and west in the morning and afternoon to achieve better results. In addition, placing solar panels at higher locations means more sunlight will be available.

The rotating solar tree provides 100 times more solar energy than a conventional solar layout and consumes only 1 percent of the land area. It costs about Rs 300,000 and has an installed capacity of 3KW.

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