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In recent years, photovoltaic cells have constantly set off new technological changes around "efficiency and cost". Under the background of R & D and industrial application of new battery technology, perovskite photovoltaic cells gradually show great commercial prospects with many advantages, such as superior light absorption characteristics, rich raw materials, low cost, great efficiency improvement potential and many application scenarios.



In order to further strengthen the collaborative innovation of industry, University and research in the field of perovskite photovoltaic and promote the industrialization of perovskite and laminated battery, it is hosted by Shanghai solar energy society and photovoltaic leader innovation forum, and jointly sponsored by GCL (Group) Holding Co., Ltd., Shanghai dehu coating equipment Co., Ltd.,Focusmain Intelligent Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. and Dutch SMIT, The "third global perovskite and laminated battery industrialization forum" organized by Kunshan GCL Optoelectronic Materials Co., Ltd. will be held in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province from December 5 to 7. This forum will invite perovskite solar cell research institutions, battery and module manufacturers, suppliers of key equipment and supporting materials, third-party testing and certification institutions, analysis and consulting institutions, end users and other industry enterprises and experts to participate in a comprehensive analysis of perovskite photovoltaic industry chain technology and market hot topics, and discuss the future development trend of perovskite and laminated cells.


Perovskite solar cells have the advantages of high efficiency, low production cost, low investment cost, high power generation, adjustable light transmittance and color, can be used as laminated cells, wide application scenarios and so on. Perovskite cell is the next generation photovoltaic power generation technology with great potential. Its great charm is gradually displayed in front of people and is rapidly moving towards the market.


The perovskite component automatic production line developed and designed by focusmain team is strictly controlled in every link from design, drawing, software to installation and commissioning, with stable operation and accurate positioning of the whole line, so as to realize full-automatic operation and production. Low energy consumption and labor productivity, with high cost performance.


Established in 2019 and located in Changzhou, an international "smart" manufacturing city, Focusmain Intelligent Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological innovation enterprise focusing on automation equipment and high-end intelligent equipment. The main products are photovoltaic module automatic production line and overall solution for perovskite battery module manufacturing.

The company always pays attention to innovation and development, and has made great technological breakthroughs in perovskite battery module intelligent equipment. At present, it has won the honors of "Changzhou high tech enterprise" and "Jiangsu Science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise", and has more than 50 invention and utility model patents. In addition, it has also passed ISO9001, ISO14001, iso45001 and AAA credit system certification.


Adhering to the enterprise value of "innovation, pragmatism, perseverance, dare to take responsibility and enjoy work", we strive for excellence in mechanical design, electrical R & D, software development, processing, production, sales service and other links. We have been committed to promoting the localization of automation equipment, so as to help Chinese enterprises improve their international competitiveness. The company's products are exported to India, Vietnam, Turkey, Myanmar, Mexico, South Korea and other countries, and the quality has been widely recognized by customers all over the world.


Our mission is to be the pioneer of automation reform in the new energy industry, and our vision is to become the leader of intelligent equipment!


Under the background of "carbon peak and carbon neutralization", the world pays more and more attention to the development of green power. focusmain will continue to promote the infrastructure construction of perovskite photovoltaic industrialization, strengthen technological R & D and innovation, give full play to its advantages, improve its core competitiveness and accelerate the achievement of the "double carbon" goal.


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